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My 16-year-old Four Seasons Sunroom has a glass pane that shattered spontaneously. It also needs new window crank handles because the existing handles no longer close the windows.

Worse yet, the sunroom leaks at the interfaces with the walls, causing structural damage both to the walls and to the floors. Despite numerous phone calls, emails, two visits to the Orlando showroom, and repeated assurances by a parade of employees that my problems will be resolved, I have not been able to get service or even parts to install myself.

I have been asking for service and/or parts since 2/2005.

I do not recommend this product.

Location: Herndon, Virginia

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Hi, We also had a sunroom installed in about 2000/2001 from Four Seasons. It cost over 50K to install.

We have 4 crank out windows, and only 1 window still works. It's like this company disappeared! We live in Manhattan and it's so hard to find anyone to come to do work. I don't understand.

But I do have one contact. His name is John and his # is 914-447-**** He's in Elmsford NY,. But I think someones else came and repaired the leak once from another Four Seasons. His name is Bob Guerin 212-304-****.

Again, Like pulling teeth! And now I'm going to try to get new cranks for the *** windows. And to the guy/gal that replied to your post.

Duh, he had the Four Seasons Room for 16 years ***! Anyone with a brain could understand!


16 years? please clarify, do you mean that you have a new product inside a room that is 16 years old, or have you had the product for 16 years?

if you have had it for 16 years, what is the warranty they offer? and are you saying that after 16 years the glass pane shattered spontaneously?

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