This is not wholly a complaint so bear with me - with reservations I do recommend the product.

I bought a 20' x 9' Four Seasons sunroom extension with the beautiful curved glass, triple-glazing and laminated pine beams in 1990 - at that time they gave a five year guarantee (which sounds pretty pathetic for an installation costing (then) well over $20K). After seven years very satisfactory use I found there was condensation happening inside some of the glass panes (i.e. the seals had gone) and I alerted Four Seasons who came and inspected it and agreed that, really, all the glass should be changed. They insisted that this would have to be an 'out-of-warranty' repair and quoted me $8K to replace all the glass with new - and for this they would give me a TWENTY year 'sliding' warranty (meant the replacement cost would be shared as the years advanced towards twenty!).

All the glass was therefore changed for the agreed amount and now, eighteen years later, the sunroom has done well and there have been no more failed seals to date.

Apart from having to pay a swingeing extra $8K for their manufacturing mistake (they obviously fixed the problem) I can say that I have been very satisfied with the product and would buy it again IF, and only if, I could negotiate a twenty year warranty on any failed window seals.

A final point. The windows in my sunroom should carry a sign "Burglars - if you must break in, please use these windows" because they are held closed by the flimsiest hardware. Maybe the new models have fixed this but I had to reinforce mine.

Advice: Lovely sunrooms but (1) Make sure you negotiate a fair warranty and (2) Check that the operable windows have sturdy hardware against break-in.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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The average life of an IG (insualted glass unit) is roughly 10 years. If this was installed in 1990 you got extremely lucky.

You should be on your third replacement by now depending on where you live.

I’ve installed dozens of these rooms by this manufacturer and I absolutely do not recommend them. But I just wanted to say as a glazier for 20 years your issue with the IG units is not fair.


Sure would like to know who your contractor was that completed your repairs


I have a four seasons window in my kitchen that is leaking and causing damage to my drywall. Have had to use a pail to contain all the water from this leak.

Have had several servicemen use caulking on it but still have this water problem. After numerous phone calls to Four Seasons Window Co(the company that originally installed it)they have sent repairman to the tune of $277.00 service call.However my window still leaks and my drywall is getting wetter and amount of drywall that is damaged is getting larger.

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