I have had a terrible experience trying to work with the local and corporate Four Seasons Sunroom representatives. I contacted the owner of the Novi, Michigan store to try to get assistance on repairing the knee wall in my sunroom. The main corner brace of the knee wall has rotted away due to a hidden water leakage inside the wall behind the drywall. This occurred due to the seal on the outside frame cracking and leaking. When the seal failed, water leaked into the wall and destroyed the studs in the wall. This is causing the entire room to shift downward toward the main corner brace. It also appears black mold is covering the entire corner and along half of the wall in both directions.

I have repeatedly tried to call the owner of the Novi, Michigan store to try to get his commitment to help me replace the wall. I am not getting any commitment from him to help me with my repairs.

I then took my complaint to the Corporate Customer Affairs department. It took them four business days to return my call. After explaining the entire history of the problems that are occurring, I was assured that the problem would be looked into by their representative. I was also assured that I would hear back from their representative in a day or so. After a week of not receiving a call back from the corporate office representative, I called them again only to be sent to their voice mail.

It is apparent to me that the Four Seasons Sunroom Company does not believe in satisfying the customer’s need. They have not made any effort to fix the structural problems that occurred due to the failure of their product.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Had a similar issue when water ran under the sole plate of knee wall and got soaked up by insulation transferring to the drywall on inside of sun room. A disaster.

No one ever responded.

They should be shut down. Never again!


As a representative of Four Seasons of Novi, MI, I want to clarify what happened here.

This owner did his own concrete work. The concrete settled, and William's panel brick installed the panel brick, and water got behind it -- causing the rotting.

They went out of business, leaving this customer coming to us for resolution.

We can't be held responsible when a customer seeks out other contractors to perform work.

This room was at least 15 years old, to start. We agreed to assist him in resolving the issue, but he would never sign a contract for work, or provide a deposit for services.


The dirty secret about these sunrooms is that they will ALL leak eventually. I know, I've been in the industry building these for 15 years.

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