We had a Four Seasons sun room added to our home in 2004. The front door never fit well.

It stuck at the bottom on hot days, and is so ill fitted, leaks cold air all winter. After it snows and then warms up and melts, it rains from the top most point of the ceiling. I have to have bowls on the floor to catch the water. Its done these things from the very first..the builder came back and made some adjustments to the door, climbed up and added some caulking at the roof.

But, it didn't help. In the meantime he sold his franchise to a different building company, and even though we keep calling them, and they do show upthey have never attempted to fix either issue. Just shrug and say, I don't know what to tell you. And leave.

We've contacted the corporate headquarters for help..they have directed us back to the same builder who holds our contract, but will do nothing. Finally, this week he emailed me a bid for replacing the doors..then ended the email with, maybe you would do better with another FourSeasons dealership, As if we hadn't already tried that!

These districts are strictly guarded..no one crosses lines. Help!

User's recommendation: Expect problems, we are talking glass rooms here.

Location: Parma, Michigan

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