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I had two bay windows installed. I cringe every time I look at the front of the house.

Installer removed old bow windows and installed new bows with out removing old silicone seal. The new roofs do not come out as far as previous and the installer came back and quickly tried to remove silicone seal and then went to masonry store and then said he is putting more silicone seal on one side and cement on the other side. I said I do not think you should do this and he said he should and did it. He said he will be back in 2 weeks and which looks better he will do on both sides and also the window above.

He said he also didn't have a ladder tall enough with him for the other bay window above. He never came back. Fought with this Co. they finally came out to inspect and said it is no good and needs to be repaired.

At this point I could not get anyone back to do anything. I think they do not how to correct it. It also rained that night after he put cement on the building. This cement color does not match the rest of the house.

No matter how many times I have called have not gotten any help. They did this and not willing to correct it. Any reason they should not correct it, I do not think so. They really are responsible to fix the mess they caused.

I was also lied to and was told they have there own installers and not subbed out and that is not true. I also do not have flashing on the roofs above the bay windows they installed. I might have water problem in the future. I would never deal with Four Seasons again unless they correct this and it a few years now and they refuse to do it.

Acted like they did me a favor.

No favor when it looks worse then before they tried to correct it. If I knew how to add a picture I would do it.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: They need to fix what they did. Can it be? Do I need flashing if so do it also. They were responsible to remove oldbow windowsthat incluses all.Installing cement 1 side abovebay windowthat doesn't matchexisting cement/silicone otherside on top of silicon .

Four Seasons Sunrooms Cons: Customer service, Thermal bridges, Project time.

  • Dont Trust Four Seasons Sunrooms
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It's interesting to read this review. I couldn't happier with my Four Seasons Sun Room.

In fact, so happy that we are having one installed in our vacation home.

It seems this was more of an inexperienced installer/franchisee rather than a product quality issue. Everyone I know who has a Four Seasons Sun Room loves it and has had no problems.