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In September of 2014, my wife and I decided we would seek out quotes for a sunroom to add to our house. After two weeks of interviewing potential contractors, we decided Four Seasons Sunrooms did not meet our needs.

We contacted the comany here in Raleigh, NC and informed them that we would no longer need any of their sevices. This is when the calls from their headquarters began. I received 7 telephone calls from a 925 area code in a matter of 5 hours. I explained to the representative each time that they should remove my name from their database since I was not interested in their product anymore.

Yet within the hour I would receive another call from a different representative. If you do not wish to be harassed by Four Seasons Sunrooms, do not give them your telephone number. Unfortunately, we gave our home and both cell numbers, so the calls are coming in non-stop. Based on the complaints on here as well as other sites, apparently you can't get them to stop calling you back until you buy something from them and need them to repair it.

That is when they stop calling you or trying to contact you. Be warned!!!

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

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I have an older sunroom in the home I just purchased. I have called for the past 4 days to try and have someone look at it to fix any broken panels and to get it in shape.

Communication is impossible but if you ever do get a person on the line they usually get the information all wrong. They finally got someone from my area on the line.

They made it clear they won't come look at it unless I pay $500.00 upfront.

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