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Our Four Seasons sunroom was installed by a franchisee in Paramus, NJ. We did not experience any issues with the installation of our sunroom and it has held up well, however it is very inefficient from a heating and cooling point of view.

In the summer it gets hot and in the winter it's too cold. Heating and cooling it to the same temperature as the rest of the house would be too expensive.

I'm now having a ductless mini split heat pump and AC unit installed to supplement the heating and AC in the room. In hindsight I should have gone with traditional construction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Four Seasons Sunrooms Installation.

Location: Newark, New Jersey

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Four seasons does not stand behind their products. I have had one four over 15 years and had problems from the beginning.

Contractor did not do the job and Four Seasons hung up on me when I complained and they said that it wasn't their problem. Their sunroom has leaked badly in many places for the entire 15 years.

And too difficult to heat in the winter and too hot in the summer and no way to install any kind of shade or blinds. I wish I had installed a regular room with a lot of skylights.


I moved into a house that the sunroom was already there. When the first rain came it leaked and there is a big difference in temperature with the hot and cold.

I have a slanted roof so no room to put a ceiling fan. I spent $800 on solar shades just to cover the three main windows that look out. The side windows I tinted. I called our local sunrooms dealer and since I bought the house and was not the original purchaser they had no obligation to the warrenty.

I have apartments that look straight out from our house and also had someone shot a bb into one of the bottom windows and the repair was $500 it would be useless to call insurance bc that's what my deductible cost. I hate my sunroom!!!


I do agree about the temperature of the room in the winter....it is more difficult to keep warm, but the Earth Stove in the adjacent living area warms the room quite well. In the summer it's not as bad, room was built on the northeast side of the house so only gets direct sun until 1-2pm. The subcontractors that built the room were great, they even did some extra work to replace and prepare the area of the house that the room was going to be attached to...JUST MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THE COMPANY IS GOING TO DO TO PREPARE YOUR HOME FOR THE ATTACHMENT OF THE SUNROOM....ALL SUNROOMS LEAK IF THEY AREN'T ATTACHED CORRECTLY OR YOUR HOME PREPARED...GET A SEPARATE CONTRACTOR TO COME IN AT THE TIME OF DEMOLITION...OUR GUYS WERE GREAT AND REFUSED TO PUT THE ROOM ON WITHOUT ADVISING US TO HAVE THE DAMAGED AREAS REPLACED...THEY DID THE WORK AND AT A FAIR PRICE...PUT ON IN 2003.....NO REGRETS!


I agree to a point. We had a Four Seasons sunroom added 2 years ago.

I am happy with dealer and when we have had problems, they have been quick to respond. We do have a separate heat/air system for the room, but you are correct, in winter it does not hold heat well, and in summer it is quite hot. I underestimated how the conductivity of the metal frame would be a great a negative as it is. I was, an am, impressed with the steadiness of the room, but feel I was not quite given the whole truth when I talked with the dealer about heat and cold.

I was assured that it would be comfortable and not a trouble to heat and cool. That is simply not true. It is a wonderful 3 season room, but not a 4 season room.

Here in the Shenandoah Valley, it is most of December though February it is not warm enough, an in July and early August, it is just plain too hot in the room when the sun is out. Knowing this, I would have chosen to spend the considerable cost for this room on a different style of construction.

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