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We had a Four Seasons Sunroom manufactured by Four Seasons Sunroom of Holbrook, New York which we had to replace.

The concept is poor. The room becomes too hot to be in when the sun is out.

When there is no sun the room quickly reverts to the ambient outside temperature, which is too cold in the late fall, winter and early spring. Because of the low insulation value of the windows it becomes to expensive to heat/cool. After a few years the seals on the windows failed resulting in accumulation of water and green growth between the panes. Four Seasons refused to stand by their product and make good on the warranty, which didn't matter since the room was largely unusable.

We eventually replaced the room with traditional construction, which we now enjoy.

Only the foundation was reusable.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Location: Putnam Valley, New York

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impossible company to deal with, months of un returned calls, nonsense all around. i have an existing greenhouse of theirs which needs better glass, but how to get through the unbelievable lack of service? how are they still in business?????


@ Dave in Durham New Hampshire. I am the owner of Classic Sunrooms LLC in Goffstown NH, a franchaise of Four Seasons Sunrooms since 1982.

We have installed several thousand sunrooms all over New England since 1966. Our rating with the BBB is A+. We have not installed a sunroom in the Durham NH area since 2004. I think you have us mixed up with another Four Seasons vender.

I would be happy to meet with you to address any issues you have with whoever the installer was.

Sometimes I think our competition writes this stuff. Best regards.


I have been involved with Four Seasons for nearly 12 years. I have their product on my own home and find their quality to be the best in the industry.

I am sure after the hundreds of thousands of rooms that have been built over 30 years that there are some consumer complaints.

The fact is that as a percentage it is so small and the majority of those complaints are installation related. A quality product still needs a quality installation.


The Goffstown, NH franchise was also unimpressive. After taking our deposit, they were uncommunicative and did not respond to inquiries about when construction would start.

Finally we got hold of someone who said the factory parts were on the way in just a couple of days -- only they weren't. Eventually our greenhouse was fabricated, but cleanup was poor. The sliding door was poorly installed and doesn't fit easily, while the screen door lock broke within a few weeks.

No one has ever called back to ask if we are satisfied.

My impression is that they are like many mediocre contractors, chiefly concerned with generating cash flow and staying ahead of creditors. Once they're paid, you cease to be of any importance.


I am currently dealing with a franchise from Raleigh, NC. It has been a nightmare dealing with the contractor ("collector").

The mason they hired did a terrible job in repairing my brick home and they refuse to fix the job. The ceiling panels had damage from shipping and they have attempted to fix with poor quality filler and paint and are refusing to redo the paint job.

Lucky for me I did not fall for the collector trick of I need money to pay my staff. Don't pay until the work is done and done right.


Thanks to all who wrote of their experiences...I will continue looking to a builder of sunrooms who will provide a quality product & good service.


It might help if you added air conditioning and heating like the rest of your home!! Duh!


I could never get them to fix something from day one. Do not pay them until everything is right or it will never get done. Cost a lot don't get much!


You may contact us at consumeraffairs@***.com or (631) 563-**** x231. We would be happy to review the details of this matter.

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