Do not contact them! I did not end up purchasing a room with them (because they are much more expensive than their competitors) but went with another company.

However, four seasons will harass me on a near daily basis with up to 5 phone calls a day.

I ask, I beg, I demand to be taken off of their call list and yet they still harass me! Save yourself and do not contact them unless you enjoy telemarketing phone calls all day everyday.

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I do not think this is fair. In the case of the NOVI MI four seasons negative reference, it is misrepresented negative press.

Novi did not build that sunroom.

The homeowner's original site work was also done by others, not by the Four Seasons that did construct the room. Finally, the homeowner did not have a contract with Novi for the repairs mentioned yet none of this information is mentioned leaving reader to assume erroneous information.


Totally, thoroughly, absolutely disgusted with their shoddy workmanship. Our sun room was filled with mold and mildew because the elements came through the incorrectly constructed outer wall.

The floor also developed big problems with mold in the grout. The glass leaked.

We did take them to small claims court for that and we won the case. Do Not deal with 4 Seasons!


who did you take to small claims court and win a case? who are you bad mouthing?

does anyone ever verify anything as truthful on this site or are you a competitor of four seasons just trying to hurt them.

all four seasons sunrooms offices are owned independently and many are well run and knowledgeable building professionals. this format with comments such as you've left is unfair to those with stellar reputations, good ethics and workmanship.

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