I had a horrible experience with Four Seasons DBA as Four Seasons Holbrook on Long Island, New York. Believed salemsan promise of completed sunroom in two to three months.

Put more than $7000 down payment After eight months, no construction started. My phone calls mostly unretured. After eight months, asked for my money back. They withheld more than $5000 or 15% of total price saying I broke contract because I didnt cancel in stipuated three days.

I sued them in Small Caims Court, case now before Appellate Court.

With court costs, and other related expenses, I am now out more than $6000. Buyer Be Very Aware.!

Product or Service Mentioned: Four Seasons Sunrooms Installation.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Location: Southampton, New York

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I have had a 4 Seasons greenhouse over 20 years. We have had a few pieces of glass replaced as they became cloudy but they is about it.

We have never had a single leak. Most people that complain on here seem to have problems with local retail installation businesses and we also had problems like that 20 + years ago but the finished product itself has delivered more than we expected over the years.


same thing is happening to us right now

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