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I purchased a sunroom from Four Seasons. The local agent and the corporate office were involved. The original construction was done incorrectly and we've been strung along for a couple of years with promises of getting the room fixed. Now we are told that the local agent is no longer in business and they have no liability. I spent a lot of money and can't get anyone from corporate to respond. The room warranty is supposed to be ten years, but I can't even get them to fix the windows so they can be opened and closed. I have spent a great deal of money finishing the interior of the room, all the time being promised that these minor problems will be fixed. Once I finished the room, they told me that the only solution is to tear down the room and start over, because the windows won't close because the room is out of plumb.

I would like to hear from any other people who have had similar experiences with Four Seasons. Please send your story to


Location: Austin, Texas

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I don't understand why there are no class actions suits against these guys, my room is 17 years old out of the ten year warranty

and I now have to replace all the ground floor windows

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