I signed my contract in December of 2011. It is now May of 2014 and my room is still not completed.

The experience has been filled with lies, poor construction, absent customer service, and more lies. What is completed leaks. The company I signed my contract with has filed for bankruptcy and Four Seasons has done/is doing nothing to help.

It will probably cost me an additional $10,000 to complete this project. The worse decision I have ever made in my life was deciding to trust this company and the people who work for it and I've made some pretty bad decisions in my life.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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This really sounds familiar

Framingham, Massachusetts, United States #1266322

hello if you still need work done on your room please give me a call i can help you 781-885-7180

Jackson, Mississippi, United States #840660

Worst *** company I have ever had to deal with they suck big time

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