My sunroom (built 8 years ago) which cost $68,000 has completely rotted from poorly installed flashing and calking. The store in Natick couldn't care less and I am getting estimates to repair it.

The only way to do it correctly is to disassemble the entire room and rebuild. One estimate is for $35,000. Another contractor stated he would not repair the sunroom but demolish it and build from scratch which would be $45,000 to $50,000. Knowing what I know now, the sunroom kits are not reliable and are a very bad investment.

It would have been much better to hire a builder. New England Four Seasons Sunrooms in Natick have been horrible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Four Seasons Sunrooms Installation.

Location: Barre, Massachusetts

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Try FSFactoryDirect.com They are a very reputable

company and have fixed many mistakes made by other

companies. Four Seasons is a good product, but only

as good as the installer. FS fixed my sunroom and

helped us with an insurance claim to get some of the

money back on the fix. Now the room is used as intended

and we enjoy it very much.


You may want to look at Solar Innovations in PA. They do repair for sunrooms across the nation and also manufacture new units.

I know they have fixed broken FourSeasons units in the past.

Your problem is a familiar problem unfortunately. I would say that their service work/customer service is much better than FourSeasons.

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