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We had a four season sunroom added to our house in So Cal. After 1st rain, we had a swimming pool in the room.

Called four season contractor, was told it was because we had dogs, and their hair caused the water not to drain. We had the problem over and over, (even when we did not have dogs) one excuse after another, then was told we only guarrantee our work for 5 years. Sorry:-) Called four seasons main office, I was told it wasnt their problem. Additional due to all the water coming in the room, electrial that runs around bottom of room shorted out, then caused more electrical problems because to the way they tied in to existing electricity.

$35,000.00 down the drain.

Please DONT NOT get a four seasons sunroom, unless you like to throw away your hard earned money. Would love any information on a class action suit.

Monetary Loss: $35000.

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Stevens Point, Wisconsin, United States #706495

It really wasn't the rooms fault, it was the contractors fault.

North Hollywood, California, United States #701867

You can go online and google class action lawyers - they are lining up for opportunities like this. Attorneys and initial plaintiffs are the only ones who make a lot of money on class action lawsuits. Everyone else will get pennies on the dollar.

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