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38000 deposit 1.5 year ago and now in court. BEFORE U SIGN THAT CONTRACT read it read it well and have an attorney read it —you have no rights as the arbitration clause put the burden on you to pay for fees and stop u from suing them, and if you read carefully they don’t give you any timeline and they’re not responsible for permitting or any other items and they’re not responsible for mistakes or accidents....THE LUCKY thing for us is that the KENTUCKY DISTRICT judge ruled in our favor to invalidate arbitration agreement this means a precedence is there and those of you who suffer from them you can sue and I’ve been contacted by a few people about the same experience of delays and delays and delays and problems and considering a class action lawsuit

Product or Service Mentioned: Four Seasons Sunrooms Installation.

Four Seasons Sunrooms Cons: Lies lies lies.

Location: 3408 Tucker Wood Ln, Louisville, KY 40299, USA

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Four Seasons Factory Direct / Sunrooms & Windows allow dealers to use their logo and name to sell jobs to later say their not responsible for their dealers. Check out KY3 on your side investigation Springfield Mo.

Google KY3.com Ashley Reynolds on your side / Sunroom company. The Mo. AG is investigating on multiple complaints.

Four Seasons and their dealer have active law suits pending in Springfield Mo. at present time.

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