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Leola Walker-Crosby 326 Carmel Valley Way Saint Robert, MO 65584 573-336-3868 December 6, 2016 Missouri Attorney General, On January 16, 2016 I hired Four Seasons Sunroom to build a sunroom on my existing deck…and now—some 11 months later the contract has not been honor. Contact information for Four Seasons Sunrooms is Purchasing Manager Chris Wells, at 417-831-7666 and 417-830-0074---Their address is 1310 N.

Nias Avenue, Springfield, Missouri 65802. To date they have only completed 65% of the of the sunroom and I have paid for 120% of the work…I know *** of me and get a second opinion…but now the purchasing manager says an additional 3-4 weeks are required to complete the project. Chris Wells did not conduct a proper Risk Assessment Survey of the proposed deck area to determine if it was possible to build the purposed basement and sunroom – two stories. There were many delays and mounding problems to this project because; if a Risk Assessment Survey was completed initially he would have realized that there were underground electrical and gas lines under the location of the build site.

To date, I have paid more than $24,000.00 for original contract of which was $27,000.00. Two contracts were drawn because the original contract could not be honored…however, Chris wrote a new contract that exempts the basement and floor system; therefore if I am having just a sunroom built over an existing deck without a flooring system…Why is the amount SO large? The building currently is incomplete both inside and outside and therefore…only worth $9,000.00…findings based on a professional appraisal. I do believe his contractors are skilled individuals.

However, I believe management is not efficient and at fault for not completing a Risk Assessment Survey, the miss management of funds to pay their contractors, funds for required material, equipment and the scheduling of the contractors. Many months have gone by with many non-call/non-show for busy days of work. I have sent numerous emails asking when the sunroom will be completed after signing the second contract dated October 13, 2016…his reply was October28, 2016…on October 28, 2016 asking again when sunroom will be completed…on November 7, 2016, I sent an email stating I needed the sunroom completed by November 28, 2016, his response was “sounds good” and the sunroom will be completed November 28, 2016.” Today is December 6, 2016…the sunroom is not completed. I have not heard from him at all.

I have copies of all my emails and his responses. We are demanding a full refund. Our backyard is a disgrace…this project is overpaid in full. The Attorney General should warn consumers to be extremely wary of certain irregular or unscrupulous business practices such as these.

My husband 87 years and I am 68…could this be a possible scam operation or a ponzi scheme (using new-customer funds for building material and labor to pay off earlier customer funds for building material and labor)? Responding to Four Seasons’ comments to the Better Business Bureau…they have exaggerated the truth...Insomuch as, we must insist on some form of compensation because Four Seasons Sunrooms services have not met our expectations. Let me explain during the period of March 2016 thru September 2016, I started the process of refinancing my home. My home was appraised $116,000.00 because Sunroom personnel had begun construction without performing a Risk Assessment Survey thus removing all handrails on all sides of the deck and the stairs and handrails.

The true appraisal of my property is $20,000.00, thus costing me an additional loss plus I had already paid $18,200.00, 2/3 the cost of the original contract and the only work performed was the removal of banisters, stairs and handrails. In addition, there were the delays of applying for an easement waiver…of which the Four Seasons Sunroom personnel had no knowledge of this procedure. I had to educate myself enough to where I got the easement waiver completed and approved by the City of Saint Robert, thus delaying the beginning of the project for some months…See copy of letter requesting a waiver to the Veteran’s Affairs attached…In addition I have attached all emails sent to everyone involved in the terrible mess. Their service contractors have been to our home nine times in 3 months, but the sunroom is still incomplete...the lighting fixtures inside and outside are nothing but a dangle of wires, it is raining inside the door (and now the door doesn't lock inside or outside), the electrical outlets are open and incomplete, the inside paneling is incomplete (loose holes in the placing of the wall paneling), the outside siding is incomplete (thus causing rain to enter into the door), AND the outside construction area looks like a DEMOLITION TRASH SITE of wood sidings, wood paneling, broken wooden pieces, nails, screws, paper, and plastic…It looks a MESS!

INSOFARAS...THE SUNROOM IS NOT PROFESSIONAL BUILT! Very Respectfully, Raymond & Leola Crosby

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of four seasons sunrooms sunroom installation. Four Seasons Sunrooms needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I had a nightmare experience with Four Seasons of Spfld, MO, also. Never, never use this company!!!!

Versailles, Missouri, United States #1320624

how is this going now? my aunt is dealing the same thing in Eldon.

to Anonymous Eldon, Missouri, United States #1322437

My sister is having a horrible time waiting for her addition to be completed. It has been over a year now and Four Season has still not even closed it in.

Her husband has died while waiting.

They lie and lie to her. They seem to prey on the elderly!

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