I bought a Four Seasons Sunroom Conservatory in 2008 that started growing mushrooms out of the decking at only 5 years old. I have written proof that I contacted them and their response was to get an herbacide.

Can you believe it? Mushrooms mean moisture. I have continued to contact them while my sunroom was still under warranty. This company warrants nothing.

Don't be fooled. They will blame everything on your installer and take responsibility for nothing. In the meantime your installer will go out of business because they warrant nothing. They have even hired a service to answer their calls and take down your information but no one will ever call you back from Four Seasons.

Not ever. You might get an email. I have almost $70,000 tied up in this room that is only now 10 years old and has become unsafe to walk in because of the rot not to mention the leaks from the ceiling. I can no longer open my French Doors as the floor is now unlevel from the rot.

From photos they are saying the whole room needs to come down and the floor repaired/replaced but at my expense. They blame the problem on the installer but these installers have to be certified by them to install. I am not the only one with this problem. I had to pay $250 last year for another Four Seasons installer to look at the problem.

Said the room needs to come down to make the repair at a tune of $18,000!!! But even he couldn't verify it was installer error. More money wasted as that installer no longer deals with Four Seasons either because they warrant nothing. And the glass warranty?

Ha. Don't be fooled by that either. They may provide the glass but you will pay hundreds to have it installed. More than what the glass costs.

Anyone that gives this company a high rating is a new owner. Wait til the problems start and they will start. Nothing will be warranted. They now want me to spend $275 for another installer to come out and look at it.

They should cover this fee and cover the repair. But the fact of the matter is this installer wants nothing to do with this situation either as per his email. He was already in my town for another repair and was going to stop by and take a look at it. Guess what?

Never did.

Terrible company and the worst investment I have ever made. There are no warranties.

Product or Service Mentioned: Four Seasons Sunrooms Sunroom.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Four Seasons Sunrooms Pros: Beautiful room.

Four Seasons Sunrooms Cons: Lies lies lies, Customer service, No warranty, Leaks, Rots.

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