Dallas, Texas

Purchased a 4 Seasons Sunroom. The framing leaks.

The dealership will not do anything about it and said that only the glass is warranted. We were directed to Effecient Home Products whom said "deal with it"! They will call us in a week to make an appointment with a $200. service charge just to come out and look at it, and then will charge by the hour.

The Sunroom cost us approx. $30k and will NOT stand by the warranty. LOOKING FOR OTHERS TO FILE A CLASS ACTION SUIT.

Please help!


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We bought two Four Seasons Sunrooms in OK. They did a super job installing both of them.

When we had minor problems, we called them and they came immediately, fixed the problems and never asked for any more money! Even came out and taught us how to lock the exterior door from the inside! Sorry, but I highly recommend them.

We're considering having another one added onto our current home - if I can find one close by the "boonies" where we live!


To anyone who wants to file suit against Four Seasons Sunrooms...I'm in! I spent 30k as well....worst job ever, leaks, no service, etc...I can go on and on...

Feel free to contact me


We had a consultaion with a real nice guy but later decided that we would hold off on the sunroom. We called to cancel and the company told us that they had to send out a represenative to cancel the order.

When he came he was very rude and continued to try to convince me to buy the room. I told him numerous tims that I had to leave so we needed to end our meeting but he refused to leave until I eventually became infuriated and screamed at him to get the *** out of my house. Next step was a call to the police. When I called the office in Holbrook, N.Y.to complain,I was told a supervisor would return my call...and never has.

I wonder how he would have been with an older person or a woman. Not sure what it would have taken for them to make him leave.

I will NEVER deal with them again. Be very careful if you do.


I have had a chronic frame leak that was undetected until after the first year when we had a week of rain. Water on the floor led me to take out some of the paneling in the wood frame wall and found the insulation saturated and mushrooms growing on the interior of the OSB siding.

The clapboards look OK on the outside, but the siding is punky. I wrote to Four Seasons to lodge my dissatisfaction after many, many attempts at reaching them via phone.

The installer was somewhat responsive, but after 8 years of the problem persisting I am not sure where to turn. If I try to repair it myself, I know that if the glass starts to leak Four Seasons (being unresponsive as it is) will deny any glass claim.


I can help with fixing your room I work on a lot of 4 seasons room that people get put in I under stand what u are going throu if u allow me the time please call me 7749302354


Bad expereince in KY, entire room is held together with a bunch of caulk. Installers did the best they could finding parts at the warehouse and making due. Room leaks, sloppy work, terrible product.


The comments by Fours Seasons dealers is commendable to stand by their dealerships & products, my question now is, we are buying a home with a pre-existing Four Seasons sun room,

it leaks and needs other work as well... whom do I call for repair???

in Fulton,mo near Jefferson City, or Columbia area... any suggestions???


Terrible product with service whichis even worse. Buyer beware....run!!!


I feel sorry for all of the people who have had bad luck with their four seasons sunrooms. My question is did any of you research the independant dealers?

It has been my experience that no matter how good the product is, if it's installed or used improperly there WILL be problems. I have sold alot of Four Seasons Sunrooms and my customers give me letters of recomendation, as well as referrals. We don't use subcontractors for the installation and we also will NOT install without proper footings. My recommendation for any consumer is to gather as much information as possible BEFORE signing an agreement for ANY home improvement project.

By doing this you will be making an educated decision that is backed up in writing, and therefore protecting yorself from undue stress and aggrivation. I also wonder if some of these complaints could have been avoided if better communication had been present.


While its very unfortunate that you have room installed by a shoddy dealer it clearly doesn't represent the entire 4 seasons company. I had the opportunity to visit the 4 seasons plant and corperate office for a weeks worth of hands on training specific to their sunrooms when I started my job and was impressed with everyone I met from the CEO on down. The products they sell are the best of any sunroom manufacturer on the market, but it sounds like you got a shoddy install by a dealer that needs to sell the business.


I Love my Four Seasons Rooms. My dealer

FSFactorydirect.com was great. I would HIGHLY reccommend this company


You just got a bad dealer. I have been a franchise for almost 30 years and we take care of our customers.



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