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The people that came out after several delays and found that they had order the wrong parts which caused more delays. Frame started cracking around the windows and then the screens don't fit because of the settling. Hired and engineer , said the install was poor Needs to be tore down and started over. Can't get sunroom design of Nebraska to come out and fix it. Have a Judgment against the company. Room is no longer used and we have closed it off... Read more

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I had two bay windows installed. I cringe every time I look at the front of the house. Installer removed old bow windows and installed new bows with out removing old silicone seal. The new roofs do not come out as far as previous and the installer came back and quickly tried to remove silicone seal and then went to masonry store and then said he is putting more silicone seal on one side and cement on the other side. I said I do not think you... Read more

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My sunroom is about 12 years old and I am unable to order a new screen door for the sliding door. On whole the workmanship of this sunroom is mediocre at best. The ceiling has never fit correctly resulting in a large open seam in the ceiling during warm weather. The ceiling was left with a dent. There is a gap between the ceiling and the ceiling fan. The panel that surrounds the door jam has a gap exposing wires. Water builds up in the... Read more

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You might want to re-evaluate current distributors/contractors. I have been begging for some help with water leaks and French door that will no longer open! The local contractor does you no favors. They will not respond to several calls made to them over the past 6-8 weeks! You should know your best advertisement is a satisfied customer and as long as this is the type of response you will never obtain the business you desire. These unique... Read more

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Great experience, hassle free. Martin was very professional, he set a free estimate. Me and my husband are happy with the quality and service received. We love our new sunroom and entry Door.

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Four seasons sunrooms in houston is non responsive to customers. My screen room is leaking and have some other construction problems that ive contacted them about on many times. Since May they have not responded. There prices are double that of othets, but i went with them for the highet quality materials and windstorm protection thst their product is suppose to provide. I have yet to get city building certification because of their nonsubmittal... Read more

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They finished the project after I threatened a lawsuit. Did an excellent job! Went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied, the contractor was great and an expert. He was very customer friendly. Apparently this company has a problem with the sales person following through. The materials had arrived over a month ago but the salesman did not communicate with the contractor at all until my threat to sue. Then they moved quickly. It is sad... Read more

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Condonsation in 6 windows. $7500 to replace ., Cheaper to tear the sunroom down.

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We spend a bundle on a new FOur Seasons Sun Room only to have it leak every tie it rains. We tried to get the installers to fix the problem but they failed and eventually just disappeared. The room is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter so it has become a very very expensive greenhouse. Lately the door is sticking but we cannot find replacement parts and the company fails to respond to our questions. Overall the room looks very... Read more

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No customer service after the fact! Have a broken window and cannot even get them to reply! And know that broken windows in past have cost $200 each to replace. This one is on the ceiling and can't even get them to replace. NOT HAPPY!! Read more

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I gave a down payment of $12,069 on February 5,2015, have called several times to find out what is happening. It's going to be five months with absolutely no communication. Very disappointed I feel they stole my money. At this point I don't trust the company and if their lack of communication is any indication of their professionalism I rather not have the work done. The total charge is $33,000 so I don't trust them to the work. I have read bad... Read more

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Four seasons in winchester va. Is just as bad . sub contractors not paid jobs not complete.late start time .worst SOBS. Ive Dealt with .mike Gordon.Joe Henley aka crooks

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One by one the curved glass failed. Now even the door is fogged and cloudy. The repair estimate was crazy high, and noticed the Wendy's stores that had them are taking them out. I will move forward with new construction on a closed porch with lots of windows and skylights, and will never spend another dollar with four seasons. My glass began to leak at seven years , and the dealer acts like it's no big deal. I will take the time to wave off... Read more

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This site is ridiculous and unfair. I had Four Seasons Sunrooms in Dallas build me a sunroom in 2004, I had an enjoyable experience and loved my sunroom that I had them build me another one off my bedroom. They finished it last year. I read some of the complaints on this site, most of them are of installation issues and not the product. My understanding is that they are all dealers/franchises, blame them and not the product. Instead of reading... Read more

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Went to the Middleton,ma location. My glass roof has never stopped leaking since it's been installed. The guys "fixing" it have no clue what they're doing and ask my husband how to fix it. What a nightmare. And it's nice for spring and fall. Winter and summer it's uncomfortable. I get frost inside all winter

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